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Dear God No!

The operation nostalgia by James Bickert reaches peaks of orthodoxy remarkable. "Dear God No!" It’s a perfect Grindhouse’s, which seeks more than pay homage to that era, to be one of the episodes of that cinema. It succeeds well, putting in a bit 'of everything from bikexploitation to splatter, through horror, sexploitation, the Nazis and not forgetting boobs. Of course.

So "Dear God No!" of 2011 is a bad movie, with a low budget and a plot full of too many things. So "Dear God No!" of 2011 is a great B movie, which apart from the scratches to the film digitally, seems a 70’s d film It wants to be a "B Movie" at all costs and commitment seems genuine. Shot in Super 16 mm, shows grainy scenes and especially special effects rather than simple, while the actors perform with the right commitment for the goals of this work
Eleven years after his previous film, James Bickert tells a story that begins with a gang of motorcyclists. Bikexploitation without limits with "The Impalers" a gang that loves wild parties, alcohol, drugs and above all violence. They kill anyone without problems and do a massacre at a seedy strip club frequented by a rival gang. The clash left alive very few elements that take refuge in a remote cabin in the woods of Georgia. The situation in this place seems good for them. Because the house is inhabited by Elder scientist Dr. Marco Guntar his daughter Edna and a couple with her pregnant. Except that, after the abuses and violence to women of the house, a strange woman locked in the cellar comes out and from the wood, a monster is coming

The story reaches weird peaks, as the slaughtering of the pregnant woman and the raid of monster, also including the figure of the mad Nazi scientist. Unfortunately it slips slowly in the dreamlike adding nonsense to a story already very nebulous. As mentioned, at the end result is more than pleasant and references to the seventies movies are great, from the opening credits to a nice soundtrack. In addition there is also a hidden message in the frame with the headlines, the director explains the genesis of the name Dr.Marco. Unmissable.

A film appreciated by a certain critics and a certain audience, which helped the career of Madeline Brumby (Edna) in genre cinema.

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