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"Evil-Eye" is the original title, changed then in the most alluring "Eroticofollia" a film that mixes nightmares, reality and murders. Exoticism and eroticism in a movie well managed with a good photography, a great score by Stelvio Cipriani and in narrative level the desire to put the viewer as much as possible in the history. After a convincing beginning, however, "Eroticofollia" slips quickly into monotony with a story that reaches peaks too surreal. The good cast not always fulfills its duty and so the audience is lost in his own thoughts waiting for the end of the film.

Siciliano tells the story of the playboy Peter Crane passing from woman to woman and at some point also passes by incredible nightmares and violent murders. How could a peaceful man beautiful who is interested only in money and women become a killer? Mystery. Between imagination and reality develops a plot that has the classic characters: Butler, wife, doctor beautiful assistant and a cop who investigates.

International production with a great cast with Jorge Rivero (Crane), a sex symbol of the sixties and seventies. Mexican actor, handsome physique has long attended productions of western movies starring with John Wayne. Then there's Richard Conte, in one of his last films. Luciano Pigozzi, Anthony Steffen, Eduardo Fajardo and Lone Fleming, are the other performers of a courageous film, but unfortunately failed