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The Ark of the Sun God

Exploding models and papier-mâché falling columns, accompany the adventures of Rick Spear a thief a little like Diabolik, which then becomes an adventurer a little like Indiana Jones. Anthony M. Dawson or Antonio Margheriti if you prefer, in "The Ark of the Sun God" tells a story full of events and situations as always emphasizes the liveliness of the Italian genre cinema.
He leaves for a moment the beloved Philippines and action movies, and moves in Cappadocia, where he had previously directed "Il Mondo di Yor" and create this story, full (of course) of famous actors and actresses of the genre.
New Zealander David Warbeck appreciated in so many genre films is the handsome thief Rick Spear, accompanied by beautiful and horny Carol. Rick was hired by Lord Dean, the always ambiguous John Steiner, to break into a safe in a villa. Actually the mission is a test. Lord Dean wants to recover the scepter of King Gilgamesh buried in a lost city in Cappadocia. It’s the same goal of the Emir Abdullah, played by Aytekin Akkaya seen different times, and we appreciated in Turkish movies, trying in every way to hinder Rick. Despite murders, kidnappings and long chases, Rick Spear in the company of a Turkish merchant and a homeless man who is a guide, reach the lost city. In the bowels of the earth, behind a golden door there is the precious artifact, but also a river of lava and archaic but functional safety systems. The many adventures and cunning of Rick and his companions, allows recovering the scepter, to eliminate bad and close the story in the most classic happy ending. All happy, including the always ambiguous John Steiner.
Margheriti apart from the excellent cast that performs their duty can count on the usual wide range of homemade special effects. Craft but highly effective models of houses, temples and cars that joined the actors creating a nice effect. Good behind the camera and expert in action movies (as well sci-fi) the Roman director directs an adventurous comic predictable and a bit 'didactic. But apart from the usual simplifications to let the story go ahead this movie is not boring. "A light film and perhaps among the least effective of Margheriti, but of which we preserve a beautiful memory" it’s the comments of the director's son Edoardo, even the best description of one of the many movies of this eclectic filmmaker.

Technical data sheet
Original title: The Ark of the Sun God
Alternate Titles: Ark of the Sun God ... Temple of Hell, The Ark of the Sun God (International) Das Zepter des Sonnengottes, Die dunkle Macht des Sonnengottes, Die Überlebenden der Totenstadt (Germany), El arca del Dios del Sol ( Spain), Saalistaja (Finland), Le temple du dieu soleil (France), The Kivotos tou Iliou theou (Greece), A Napisten Bárkája (Hungary), Jakten på tempelgullet (Norway), A Arca de Fogo (Portugal), Ilâhlarin Hazinesi (Turkey),
Year: 1984
Director: Antonio Margheriti
Cast: David Warbeck, John Steiner, Aytekin Akkaya, Luciano Pigozzi, Ricardo Palacios, Susie Sudlow
Duration: 98 '
Production Company: Film Plant