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Il Cinico, L'Infame, Il Violento

Maurizio Merli, Tomas Millian, John Saxon. In alphabetical order. Respectively: Tanzi,  Il Cinese and DiMaggio. Who is the cynic? the infamous? And who is violent? According to many the order is Millian, Merli and Saxon, but in our humble opinion, it's not so clear, the roles are confused, are swap, under the eyes of a great director of the genre Umberto Lenzi, although is in the wake of "Roma A Mano Armata", creates an interesting movie.

The cynic, the infamous and the violent, three great actors with their different manners can create three good main characters Merli with his blond service mustaches and his iron face , confirms that he is the best commissioner of "poliziottesco", the upright cop, the best in stories like this, with events to the limits of absurdity and beyond what a a cop can do. Tomas Millian once again enchants, a little 'thanks to the dubbing of Ferruccio Amendola, who creates a character very popular, ironic, but also for his great ability as actor, able once again to create a character, Il Cinese (similar to "Il Gobbo"), with a great physicality. The third one is John Saxon that bound all with the role of boss Di Maggio and successfully participate in the dispute between the two mentioned above, putting more spicy in the history, with a type of character that he knows very well.

And here we have the three protagonists of a story that has ways. The revenge desire of "Il Cinese" against Tanzi and crimanl dealings between the two gangsters. Tanzi, outside the police, is a free avenger, who tries to put discord between the other two, which probably would have fought anyway. A little 'game of chess and a little' a fight  among lions.

Not always, however, everything works, the plot has some holes with some situation that fits too easily. Defects that can we forgive by the skill of the three actors, as already mentioned, but also by events that follow one another without pause from beginning to the end. It's a Poliziottesco, very full of events, which also tries to show all the criminal's affairs , racketeering, drugs, prostitution, stolen goods and the desire of the hero to eliminate the problems.

Tanzi, therefore, is exiled in Milan, under protection, but out of the police. He is a proofreader for novels, when his enemy, "Il cinese" escapes from prison. Tanzi should go to  in Lausanne, but he returns secretly to Rome to try to permanently close his scores with the enemy, who meanwhile is back in business with the boss Di Maggio. The former policeman tries and manages to blow up the criminal plans, in the meanwhile he as the time for the simple crimes. The criminals  tryi to kill the blond hero, in an escalation of violence that comes in a bloody showdown.

"Il Buono, Il Brutto il Cattuvi" by Sergio Leone is the reference, a little is a 'tribute and a little' is a commercial, choice by Lenzi. A film that proposes again  Merli-Millian, which as we know they were enemy for realm and that in this movie, except the last scene, never appear together. A challenge that comes also from the film.

The cast has also a series of shoulders that perform well their duties. Renzo Palmer, Guido Alberti, Marco Guglielmi, Gabriella Giorgelli, Gianni Musy and other more, with a small part for famous Riccardo Garrone.