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The Doll Squad

Ted V.Mikels doesn’t miss a hit, or doesn’t guess right one. It depends on your point of view. We appreciate him, despite the director continues to show some confusion in the production and a shameless passion for meaningless stories.
This time he lead us into a story in which the protagonists are beautiful and lethal secret agents who fight evil. And they fight in a very creative way with incendiary cocktails and flamethrowers lighters, not to mention very slow martial arts moves, bikini and tight suit similar to the one of Diabolik.
Ted V.Mikels accused insistently Aaron Spelling was inspired by this film for his well-known TV series "Charlie's Angels" and of course you can guess who we give reason. Indeed, the basic idea is the same, a group of supergirls who fight evil. They are beautiful, clever, and no one can stop them.
"The Doll Squad" develops this idea as perfect B movie with surreal moments, winking at the male audience, and with a dense series of absurd events. Eamon O'Reilly (Michael Ansara) is a former special agent who wants to launch a deadly virus on the world for the usual ruthless hunger of power. He explodes in flight a Space Shuttle and triggers the reaction of the law that with Vic Connelly (Anthony Eisley), Senator Stockwell (John Carter) and Sabrina Kincaid (Francine York) put together a super team at the service of the law. A leak of security systems enables O'Reilly’s men to eliminate a couple of agents. But the "doll squad" there is the same and consists of Maria (Lisa Todd), Cat (Sherri Vernon), Sharon (Leigh Christian) and Lavelle (Tura Satana). Them with thousand adventures destroy the plans of Eamon O'Reilly until to an explosive ending, in every sense of the term, in the very classical remote island, headquarter of the insane criminal.
Bad movie but fascinating "The Doll Squad" is a fun B movie which of course is inspired by the spy and action movies and showing a number of objects and clothes that would envy any fan of vintage.
After the cold commentary on the explosion images of a Shuttle, placed right at the beginning, is soon becomes clear, where we are. And the rest is not far behind, with subtle and very intelligent theories (see the discussion on the pigeons) elaborate plans and a recitation without emotion.
Francine York model and actress, often Jerry Lewis’ shoulder, and starred in several TV series, it’s a more than adequate leader of a group that relies on explosive Tura Satana, which appears the first time in a sexy dance in a strip club . Tura, who had previously worked with Mikels for "The Astros Zombie", repeats almost the same character.
Certainly the cast is the best aspect of this film. Because in addition to the two actresses there are Michael Ansara, Anthony Eisley and John Carter, actors who have worked a lot in television series and major motion pictures. Everyone in this movie by the ineffable Ted V.Mikels, who behind the camera performs the task without effort, leaving all the trash of this film, the goal to strike and conquer the audience.