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Snuff Killer

The snuff movie doesn’t exist, the Bruno Mattei’s movies yes. And after seeing this film of 2003, we don’t know what is better. Returned to the world of cinema and in the full period of direct-to-video, Mattei creates a sexploitation that takes ideas without too many compliments from "8mm" by Schumacher and "Hardcore" by Schrader. Needless to say, but the Roman director doesn’t resemble at all to his colleagues and the result is a film that seems the poor copy of the two films mentioned above.

Carla Dujany Solaro, from Aosta to Tinto Brass films ( "Paprika" and "Fermo Posta Tinto Brass") to "Top Girl" by Joe D'Amato is one of the two positive aspects of this bad B movie. She is the protagonist, she isn’t expressive mono but she is really beautiful, as Federica Garuti the other important woman of the film. Apart from them, however, Mattei who writes the story, the script and edited it, takes us in a film that seems an expired fiction, put together as quickly as possible, with a photography and dubbing embarrassing. A bad realization, for a plot, which apart from being copied, could also have a sense and arouse the viewer. All in all, at net of realization and disconcerting narrative shortcuts, Mattei handles well the story with a "dramatic" growing up that flows into the worst American happy ending.

Michelle (Solaro) is the wife of a French politician and her daughter Lauren one night doesn’t come back home. She launched immediately the alarm and seeing the indifference of her husband for his stepdaughter, he prohibiting even to avoid scandals to call the police, Michelle begins to investigate on her own. A detective, who with her husband is an unnecessary character, directs the woman to the underground world of porn and snuff movies. Michelle begins a trans-European descent into the underworld, from a porn shop in a kind of club/ set porn, until she get to the headquarter of a certain Dr.Hades (whose name is inspired by the God of Greek mythology of the underworld), called the Fellini of snuff movie. In all these steps, Michelle tries desperately to find her daughter (even if the expressions doesn’t show great suffering) and in the meantime makes sex often and sometimes with very pleasure.

Mattei works in absolute economy, using the full budget for the transfer to Paris, Amsterdam and Hamburg, the three cities where "Snuff Killer" was filmed. Between trips and the other, are seen in the background bondage scenes or torture like, although the gory details, the splatter moments, are never shown.
A real bad movie that apart from the two beautiful blondes also involves Gabriele Gori and Carlo Mucari, seen in different genre movies.