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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The murmur of protest that greeted the reading of the title "Pride and Prejudice" by the Professor of language and English literature who said that the book it would have been the subject, of the exam remains a sad university page. An exam, a nightmare. Understand something by reading it in the original language. And even if were quite two decades ago nightmare continues to be strong. Worse than a zombie invasion.
With all respect: it’s a dismal book especially for who was (and is) a reader of Bukowski, Huther Scott Thompson, Elmore Leonard, Ed Bunker and many more. So when it came out "Pride, Prejudice and Zombies" by Seth Grahame-Smith, we grinned but we didn’t read it.. And we also wanted to do it for the film version. But it’s almost ten years that there is "B Movies Heroes" and we have also written a book about zombies. And so no. We have to investigate. Also instigated by a beautiful trailer and by Burr Steers’ curriculum.
Steers who also putting hands on the script is not the first choice, but takes the place of David O.Russell and other eligible candidates. A casting a bit 'troubled because there had to be Natalie Portman (then remained as a producer) among the stars. We wrote all this not to make the usual fucking picky, but to underline the power of this 28 million dollars production by Lionsgate. There are the money even good actors and the powerful production company has bought the rights of the sly bestseller by Seth Grahame-Smith. Obviously given the forces at play "Pride, Prejudice and Zombies" tip for better or for worse to a mainstream audience. And we depart from worse. Zombies here are in alphabetical order. That is, to Z, to the bottom. A place almost marginal. Are not those social by Romero and even those rotting, festering which duty heroes explode with taste (ours and their) heads. Those of “The Walking Dead” seem an essay by Chomsky and we suffer the almost total lack of blood. These however are the living dead highly intelligent who plan diets (eating brains), and who can hide themselves among the people. A normal monster that doesn’t disturb the average audience and remind a bit "Twilight." No big news or major developments even in the way they act. Eventually they die as always.
But apart from this obvious commercial aspect, with 28 million dollars it’s easy to create an aesthetically pleasing film, with costumes and sets very well kept. But it is not just about money because "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" has also many good aspects. Flies that can find zombies, a ball finished badly and above all the protagonists: the "PPZ". A battery of powerful and beautiful women, who bring out weapons from everywhere and use them easily. Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Caroline, Kitty and Mary. As from Austen novel they are being courted by several important men: Mr.Darcy, Mr.Bingley and Mr.Wickam, but were also trained with Shaolin method to fight against zombies. The latter now represent a kind of parallel society opposed to humans forced to live in fortified places. The Pride and Prejudice of Austen are joined by the ruthless fighting and result is a story full of events, crazy, with intricate situations, sometimes too hard to follow.
Steers fulfills his duty, emphasizing well the action and giving the romantic sense. He is fortunate to have two beautiful actresses as Lily James ( “Cinderella") and Bella Heathcote ( "Dark Shadows") and bold young Sam Riley ( "Maleficent"), Douglas Booth and "Dr.Who" Matt Smith. A sum of things which leads to a pleasing result, in a film that can please the lovers of movies b but unfortunately has a glossy aspect as "Twilight" and we can’t forgive it. A bit 'like the bad exam of English language and literature.