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The Class Reunion

Marsha Jordan, quite at the end of career, welcomes us touching her tits in the shower. And then she introduces the story. After we find Rene Bond. And we know that the director is Stephen C.Apostolof who writes also with Ed Wood the script (if we can say writing something here) of this film of 1972. "Class Reunion" promises immediately great things and it didn’t disappoint expectations. A great b movie.

Really simply story, and as the title says the two, telling us there a "Class Reunion “at a hotel. Far from the romantic memories or regrets, we are witnessing the revival of old love situations and the arrival of new ones. Erotic movies of the past and hard times in the present.
Strictly sketch scheme that doesn’t miss anything. Orgies, heterosexual sex, women with women and men with men. All this interspersed with brief moments of connection and accompanied by a cheerful score.
A very boring movie son of the worst ideas of the time has in Marsha Jordan and Rene Bond, which will meet again in other films of the duo Apostolof-Wood, the only note of interest.
The dear old Wood now in full Sunset Boulevard located in the equally bizarre Apostolof a person who gives him works and makes him return in the world of cinema. The results are not always interesting but it’s another