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El Santo en el hotel de la muerte

Dated, ridiculous and absurd. "Mondo Cane" to modern men's eyes, looks like this. And its subject wouldn’t have place even in the worst sensationalist show of the worst regional TV. But if we try to imagine the 1962 society and the dissemination of information of the time we realize how "Mondo Cane" was surprising and innovative, and why it has so much influence on the world of cinema.
You know, if you want to relax you have to go in a hotel. And this banal concept is taken literally from El Santo in a 1963 film, disappeared from circulation for several years and luckily found.
As for "Santo contra el rey del crimen" the director is Federico "El Pichirilo" Curiel who wrote also the screenplay in collaboration with Antonio Orellana. It is perhaps for this reason that again El Santo is a marginal figure in the story (and he isn’t  on the poster) because our "Enmascarado de la Plata" is "resting" at the hotel of the title and intervenes in middle of the movie.
The he comes he beat the bad and leaves jumping in his car and greeting everyone
And by the way he gives us only one moment of lucha libre.
Slower than other films of the genre "Santo en el hotel de la muerte" point less on action and more on the mystery, however, giving us an evocative set using the exterior of the Tepozteco pyramid of the state of Morelos and Hotel Vasco of Cauautla.

The story is about the usual sinister plans of power of the bad guy. The Prof.Corbera leads a group of tourists at some archaeological sites, explaining that no one has ever found the treasure hidden in one of these places. In the Hotel (de la muerte) a couple finds a dead body in a channel that mysteriously disappears.
This is the beginning of the adventure that continues with the arrival of two police officers from Mexico City and the blackmail of a kind of journalist / writer towards the rich Armando on holiday with stepdaughters.
A tough case to solve and that over time increases the number of bodies until, finally, someone (the girlfriend of one of the policemen) calls via radio/watch El Santo. He arrives, after a match of lucha libre and helps to solve the case. As always he is captured by the bad guys, he fight (less than usual) and wins. He returns to the ring.
Plot not always logical and poor implementation doesn’t limit a film that even more boring than others is an interesting variation of the genre. The cast as always consists of famous actors and actresses of the Mexican cinema.