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Hard Haunted

Dated, ridiculous and absurd. "Mondo Cane" to modern men's eyes, looks like this. And its subject wouldn’t have place even in the worst sensationalist show of the worst regional TV. But if we try to imagine the 1962 society and the dissemination of information of the time we realize how "Mondo Cane" was surprising and innovative, and why it has so much influence on the world of cinema.
We had the illusion that the bombs, interpreted as tits and as weapons, bullets and once again tits (after all we are in the bombs, bullets and babes) took a new deal. Stories always set in Hawaii, always absurd and bad shot, but different. We had been deceived with the funny "Do Or Die" but “Hard Haunted" takes us back to the early episodes of the genre. So Andy Sidaris, point everything powerful object, with bad guys vs Super agents
He takes away a bit 'of bombs and bullets, and perhaps he feels guilty he puts more babes (in topless) than usual. A slight link with the previous movie and it’s done. Must be said, the American director knows how to do well his job and he builds a good story (for the genre) tense and full of action. But it lacks the freshness because in addition to the classical scheme we see as always Roberta Vasquez, Dona Speir and Bruce Penhall. This time our heroes are looking for a green object, which seems an ornament, which contains a powerful nuclear weapon. With them, other known faces of Sidaris’ world, as Rodrigo Obregon Al Keong, Cynthia Brimhall and Roger Moore's son's, which takes the place of Morita in "Do Or Die".
Explosive situations, murder victims and of course boobs, come soon on the screen, even if we find ours in rest. After neutralized in "Do Or Die" the evil Kane (here played by Moore), ours heroes are on holiday g. The bad guys are not resting and Kane steals a (funny) jade statuette contains a powerful nuclear weapon that would naturally sell to the highest bidder. The undercover agent Mika manages to retrieve the artifact to bring it back to Donna and Nicole (naturally Dona Speir and Roberta Vasquez) but dies before she can explain it all. The two agents come back to Hawaii and discover the mystery. But Donna falls into the hands of the enemy and above falls in amnesia. She doesn’t know who the good guys are and who the bad guys.
Nicole and Bruce (Penhall) after sex try to fix things and they do in their own way. Improbable clashes with the bad guys, explosions and amazing adventures in perfect Sidaris style, which does not fail to show a series of cool gadgets, bringing home another movie.