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Ogon Batto

Those who grew up in the eighties remembers it well. He was a cult. The opening credit werw fabulous and he was the great "Fantaman". A golden skeleton, not at all assured that came with a chilling laugh. The villain was the Dr.Zero, famous for the phrase "The world is mine."
Not everyone or at least very few know that this story was made into a film in black and white in 1966. Japanese production and the original title "Ogon Batto" (the golden bat).
We can fully enjoy this japanese b-movie fun and really  nice. A series of "special effects" very botched accompanies us throughout the film, doesn't regret making the ideas of American masters like Ed Wood or Roger Corman. The climax is reached with the costumes, "Ogon Batto" (Fantaman) has a rubber face mask and Nazo (Dr.Zero) wears a costume that seems to foam.
We aren't in good hands if who have to save us from the villain is clearly disguised as a skeleton, but in any case, ancient prophecies say that "Ogon Batto" is a hero who lived in Atlantis, reckless and very good indeed and able to get us out of trouble.
We are lucky, as the villain  Nazo has diverted a huge asteroid to destroy and conquer the universe and the fact that scientists do not know how to stop it.
At the same time an expedition find Atlantis and brings it to life, pouring water over him (Mah ..), our Ogon Batto.
The fight with Nazo no limits whatsoever. That is all. Ogon Batto fight hard, and is available to all of us. He killed the villain in an epic battle, the Batman of the rising sun also destroys the asteroid with a sophisticated atomic radius. Great job.
Created for a young target, is an excellent example of Japanese sci-fi and especially focusing on a great Japanese actor, Shinichi Chiba, better known as Sonny  Chiba. Discovered by a talent program sponsored by the Toei film, Sonny has had a long career in Japanese television and in a lot of action movies.
Quentin Tarantino worships him and quotes him in one of his earliest works, "True Romance" with Christian Slater.
Then the famous passage from the Bible read by Samuel L.Jackson in "Pulp Fiction" is similar to that used by Chiba in "Karate Chiba." Finally Sonny Chiba is none other than Hattori Hanzo of "Kill Bill Vol.1".
Returning to the film in question, is inspired by a story written by Ichiro Suzuki and designed by Takeo Nagamatsu since 1930. It 's probably the first Japanese superhero and after the Second World War was transformed into "anime" by Nobuhide Morikawa creating fifty-two episodes.


Original Title: Ogon Batto
Alternate Titles: The Golden Bat, Gold Bat, The Return of Diavolik
Year: 1966
Country: Japan
Director: Hajime Sato
Starring: Sonny Chiba, Osamu Kobayashi, Wataru Yamagawa, Chako Van Leuween, Emily Takami
Duration: 73 '
Production Company: Toei Tokyo