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Joe D'Amato copy Tinto Brass and it hasn’t much sense. Aristide Massaccesi no needs sources of inspiration and above all we don’t understand why, when he is already an appreciated porn director he decides to come back to the soft-core. A soft-core less “core” than other his movies. And as mentioned above clumsy copy of a story by Tinto Brass.

A link sanctioned as well as from the setting and the development of the story and also by the presence of Erika Savastani that with the Venetian filmmaker worked in several films such as "Senso '45", "Fermo posta Tinto Brass" and "L’uomo che guarda" , before to close with cinema and begin a music career.

Certainly the Red Erika is very beautiful and we can see why Tinto Brass worked with her. Also D’Amato understands it and shows it in every possible way also in the explanation of the title. Provocation.

As Brass’ canvas we are in the first half of the last century. We are in a boarding house/restaurant, in some remote place of the Italian province. Carlo (Gianni De Martis another name linked to Brass) runs the place with his wife Amelia and with the young nephew Gianni. The man is morbidly attracted to the sex and the wife is the classic woman unsatisfied that suffer the desires of her husband. But in this place comes one day an engineer who becomes the dream of Amelia. Arrives also Marilena a niece of the couple played by Erika Savastani. She is beautiful and provocative and asks to Carlo to become the queen of the house. Amelia Instead realizes their dreams.

Nudity and sex scenes are almost continuous as well the music as the cross-link of this film with the hard world. Poor direction and setting, as well as the interpretation but it is overshadowed by the beauty of the two protagonists. A very boring story.
Dated, ridiculous and absurd. "Mondo Cane" to modern men's eyes, looks like this. And its subject wouldn’t have place even in the worst sensationalist show of the worst regional TV. But if we try to imagine the 1962 society and the dissemination of information of the time we realize how "Mondo Cane" was surprising and innovative, and why it has so much influence on the world of cinema.