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The Beast That Killed Women
A gorilla, actually a guy dressed in a very bad stage costume, terrorizes a nudist resort. And this is enough to make a movie of an hour, which like all "nudist movie" bypasses the tits and ass problem “documenting" naturists’ habits.
Habits that this time met, so to speak, the horror thanks to Barry and Clelle Mahon, spouses who have created in the sixty a long series of low-budget movies.
But not only that because of Barry's career and life have been very adventurous and full of successes. He was a pilot during in World War II famous for his skill to shoot down enemies before being captured and imprisoned.
Held at the "Stalag Luft III," he works at the famous tunnel that is taken in the film "The Great Escape". Accustomed to the break out, always cached, his story inspired the character played by Steve McQueen, for which, after the war he worked as a pilot. He then become the agent of Errol Flynn and then starts to produce in the sixties b movies like this. Then he worked for large production companies innovating and following the technology. He died in 1999.
In this 1966 film, however, we do not have all this adventure. The story is set in a nudist resort, where the women are naked and the men keep the costume and where the gorilla quoted earlier kills people. On the case explores a kind of police that eventually kill the animal without much mercy. They were the Sixties and all this attention for the animal world evidently there wasn’t, but instead there were long speeches of topless girls, shared beds, volleyball games that lead to a large and continuously show tits and ass in just sixty minute of duration.
A B movie, really embarrassing but for some reason pleasant (and we are not talking about boobs) thanks also to the little playing time.
The cast credited as "the most beautiful girls in Miami Beach" (although apparently the film was shot in New York) is composed of starlet that we will see often in trashy exploitation movies of the time.