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Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante:Revólution Tóxica
Then comes a day when all becomes clear. Well, we have not lived from 1997 to 2011 every day thinking about the cause of "Plaga Zombie", but we must also admit that the previous two movies had put a little 'curiosity.
And now we know everything, thanks to what it should be, seeing what they write on the official website, the latest chapter of the saga.
We begin by saying that the number three, suffers from the lack of the surprise. Because as the second chapter it may be considered either as a sequel, or a remake. Saying that we have already mentioned that the protagonists are always them, Bill, John and Max who apart from being a bit 'aged, have always the same physical characteristics and the same characters, but also the zombies do not change and always attack in the same way and always make the same end.
With this background, the view is not tempting, but turn upside down in part the situation, saying that Pablo Parés, Hernan Saez inserting some great moments in the history, leading the "Revolution Toxica" to be at least one episode to see. To this must be added that the technology in ten years has changed, computer graphics has made great strides, and even in an independent and "low budget" production like this, there is a great and good use of CGI. And while we talk about special effects we have to add that the make up is much more professional.
Always with Peter Jackson debuts in the heart the enemies to be destroyed are the zombies, who turn out to be better controlled or ruled by aliens, a bit 'as in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Our three heroes won as usual and share the tasks. Max is the brains of the group, who to eliminate the problem thinks about a "Trojan Zombie ", John is the strength, although now in crisis with his identity as a wrestler and Bill is the arm.
On this there are moments that make this film reaches and steps sufficiency. Max, always, with his "Trojan Zombie " plan tames a living dead but to which grow fond as if it were his son. The two play baseball, eat together, laugh and joke and separation, as per plan will not be easy. Then there is space for a dance on the tune of John West song, which turns a bit 'all in a very funny horror musical. The song is a summary of the events of the three heroes.
Won the enemy they have to celebrate the victory, perhaps making money on the incident. But there is a surprise and an open ending that could open to a fourth film.
The technology helps to not sink, but also helps to raise awareness of the product, and "Farce Producciones" exploit all social networks, especially "Youtube" where the film was put on streaming for free.