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SS Camp 5: Women's Hell
It start with serious intentions to shock the audience " SS Camp 5: Women's Hell " but it’s at the same time a shame idea.  Because the director Sergio Garrone put real images of extermination camps on the opening credit. Reading the title, seeing the period and the director we know that we are in trashy nazisploitation’s movie.
The Nazisploitation in its best period always tells the same stories, with little money and with poor acting
Garrone still rises slightly (we emphasize slightly) from the worst of the worst, with a trashy story, but at the end not boring.
As said he seeks the surprise and after the horrible choice of the opening credit he point straight to splatter and naked scenes with dinners and vague soft-core sequences.
He can’t avoid to follow the trend of the genre putting in this Cam5, only women divided between those who are destined to be a guinea pig for vile experiments and who (the prettiest) held for the prostitutes of the Third Reich soldiers.
An easy idea but also smart because the director can play on the one hand the card of blood and the other those of tits. Torn nails, iron gloves, tortures, against the classic dinners, parties and sexual training of various kinds.
In between these two sides there is a jew doctor who lives with her daughter in the Camp. Pardoned for his enormous intelligence, the man helps his colleagues trying also to give a hand to the prisoners.
Sergio Garrone works with a large number of actors of Italian exploitation’s world: Paola Corazzi, Giorgio Cerioni and especially Serafino Profumo.