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Napoli Spara!
Gennarino come back and more than his melodramatic adventures get noticed for a link with "Napoli Violenta" by Umberto Lenzi. A strong link in the story, but weak in the people, because "Napoli Spara!" hasn’t neither Lenzi as director or Merli as the protagonist. New hand, new stars who for better or for worse, give life to a ruthless poliziottesco movie, obviously whole Neapolitan.
Mario Caiano sits behind the camera, and the comparison with Lenzi is definitely disproportionate, in the same way the one between Maurizio Merli and Leonard Mann the protagonist.
But Caiano is a great director of genre cinema and manages to bring home this film, albeit between light and shadow. "Napoli Spara!" Suffers from a plot a bit 'obvious and flattens with melodrama/comedy inserts of the aforementioned Gennarino, the protagonist, to know why even of the end. Commissioner Belli doesn’t have the charisma of the best men of the law of poliziottesco and the villain played by Henry Silva doesn’t give us (but it is not new with good Henry) a wide variety of emotions.
Perhaps Caiano realizes everything or simply the director decides to point everything on violence and action balancing strengths and weaknesses. "Napoli Spara!" Is, in fact, a film that is not afraid to show blood, indeed, it is precisely what we are relying. A car that falls over a cliff, a scene on the border of splatter (the emasculation of a prisoner) another that touches the sense of each of us (a pregnant woman kicked) and many deaths among robberies and car chases.
Raw and fast Caiano tells about the duel between the villain Santoro (Silva) and Commissioner Belli (Mann). The first is protected by boss Don Alfonso. Belli tries in every way to fight Santoro who to his protections can robbing banks, trains and killed a good number of people. But above all he also manages to put a bad light on the willing Commissioner. A dramatic trap outcome is the only possibility of Belli to win.
Violent aesthetic well crafted by Caiano but on which the aforementioned poor script and an imperfect interpretation put different shadows. The useless Gennarino good for Neapolitan melodrama belittles even more the result of a brave and different film from its genre.
Also starring Ida Galli and Jeff Blynn other "look-alike" Merli