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Super Bitch 
They call Cliff several times "bastard", but actually more than a "bastard" is a great kick-ass who tries in every way to catch as many audience as possible.
Very evident commercial aspects that diminish unfortunately the qualities of a good director like Massimo Dallamano and the potential of a very interesting cast. Dallamano in his London period wrote a script that is based on the experience of Eurospy, poliziottesco and Thriller. Not to mention the chronicle with a blunt version, and more cheating of a  Manson’s "Family".
An Anglo-Italian co-production set in Lebanon in Rome and of course in London, without making us miss boobs principally represented by Stephanie Beacham.
Ivan Rassimov male protagonist and Cliff of the title, has the look and the right attitude for a sinister and "bastard". character and Dallamano is not a bad director and we see often a good hand that points out the most important moments assisted by a very pop score.
The Cliff's story, however, develop to easy solutions and sometimes paradoxical situations that move a little 'this film to comedy.
After convincing opening credits we met the Inspector Cliff Hoyst. A cunning lawman of narcotics that manages to infiltrate the organization of Morell, a drug dealer. He became his right-hand and leaves to Lebanon to try to thwart a rival gang led by "Mama La Turca" and consists of hippie. The plan succeeds and Cliff began working the hips to light a gang war. A feud between Morell and "Mama La Turca" which has its own good number of the dead and that also involves the beloved of Cliff, the beautiful Joan. An all against all, which ends with the inspector's victory that betrays everyone and can enjoy the money. But the last scene again changed the tables.
Cliff rotten cop triggers a chaos that could be much sharper, but is limited to the usual swirl of unconvincing dead and surreal situations.
Joan played by actress Stephanie Beacham is the weapon, as mentioned above, with which this film attracts the male audience. For the rest she is a bit 'useless to the story at least until the final scene.