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Notti porno nel mondo
With some money in the pocket also taken from the "J & B" as suggests the final scene, they can engage Laura Gemser that reminds us that it is our "Emanuelle Nera" Often naked she tells us about the hot and morbid nights of the world. For the rest just shot a few scenes and catch scenes from other erotic films and it’s done. A "Mondo Movie" erotic out of time, without, that more than wanting to shock like his ancestors tries to show as much pussy as possible. And we don’t’ know if the "old" man of the sixties have believed to the scenes shown, or if he was pleased only the flesh, of which our Laura "Emanuelle" Gemser is the best example.
Bruno Mattei and Joe D'Amato divided to 50%, with the first director and the second father of some scenes, the blame for creating this film that to the "modern" man of 2000 creates a great and infinite boredom. The scandalous and morbid scenes are reduced to sexual practices that we can see in the worst clubs of the sex tourist destinations or if you continue to say that that trip to Thailand was only for the sea, in the TV reports . Not that some ideas are acceptable, see zoophilia or castration, but the mise-en-scène is really bad. The dog that should have sex with his master in front of a large audience is unconvinced and castration scene shows all limits of fiction. Not to miss the dancer who shoots ping pong balls from the vagina. The others are taken from different movies, we see "Self-Service Model" by Erwin C.Dietrich and one with our beloved Uschi Digard undergoing as sparring partners of a known tireless fucker (or almost).
A very commercial film low cost with possible good revenue by well-known master of genre cinema. No big deal really, and after about twenty minutes you understand it all and there is nothing interesting to see. The interesting thing is that with the discarded material from this film, the two were able to quickly assemble) another on whose in title explicitly mentions Emanuelle.