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Reflections of light
The career of Mario Bianchi goes by porn movies, finishing sometimes in genre cinema. The eighties pass in a large excess of fake rich exhibitionism. Genre cinema instead was dying. The sum of these things leads us to one of the many improbable work of the period, an erotic drama of 1987, direct by Mario Bianchi who would like to show a status of high society, but obviously the production will not allow it.
A rented cottage, a jockey who trains for competitions in a field, a rented Ferrari and underwear that our eyes appear a bit 'kitsch is everything  that "Reflections of light" can afford. It can’t even afford a good script because that script by Francesco Valitutti (who previously had written "La pelle della dolce Angela " for Andrea Bianchi and later became a television writer) is a story that has no real meaning, but it has so many things quite absurd.
It must be said in defense of "Reflections of light" that our introduction is really evil, because this film can afford in several aspects a good cast.
We have Gabriele Tinti which is the only one who knows how to play a character. There is Laura Gemser, the famous name, but who only appears in "flashbacks". And finally there are Pamela Prati, Loredana Romito and Jessica Moore. Three Graces, often undressed (especially the first two) and stars of different soft-core scenes, some of which, it must be said, very interesting.
But apart from the big load of boobs and hot scenes "Reflections of light" is a story that has a tremendous direction, whose editing and interpretation make things worse.
Gabriele Tinti is Federico Brandi is a well-known pianist who after an incident (incredibly absurd) is in a wheelchair and lost his beloved (played by Laura Gemser). He lives between remorse and nightmares of the past, in his house with Giorgia his secretary (Loredana Romito) Marta (Pamela Prati) and his son Marcello (Giorgio Gori). Here they intertwine their lives and especially their morbidity. Federico is in big sexual conflict with Marta who consoles himself with Giorgia and also with Marcello. The latter aspiring jockey trains in a field, where met Gaia (Jessica Moore) with which establishes a relationship. In all this sex scenes appears occasionally Laura Gemser to remember the past. There isn’t, although it is a drama, a crescendo of events and the final conciliatory definitely kills the film, which as mentioned above has its main attractions in the curves of the four actresses. The only aspect of quality.