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Aayirathil Oruvan
Before facing this Tamil colossal film, we did an historical research, which combined with the vision of the film is a huge Endeavour, big as the production of this work.
An in-depth analysis necessary to understand the meaning of "Aayirathil Oruvan" which is inspired (especially) to the history of the Chola dynasty. One of the longest Tamil dynasties presents since third century B.C. to the XIII AD. A powerful and very large empire that touched various areas, from the current South India, to the Maldives, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand, and more. A dynasty lover of architecture and culture, powerful economically and militarily. A story that the Tamils still remember today with pride.
The Chola, as every empire collapsed, partly because of the presence of another powerful dynasty the Pandyan. Clever merchants, art lovers and powerful warriors, ruthless rival of Chola but also, for the record, of the Chera and the Pallavas.

After this brief "lesson" of history, we can watch this Tollywood film. A real Kolossal that doesn’t save anything, using an industrial amount of extras and actors, combined with an equally powerful presence of special effects, some not always credible. In the two and a half hour film often can see inspirations to other stories, there is a bit ' "Indiana Jones", the "Gladiator" and a shred of "Lord of the Rings" as well as some directing solution like "Matrix".
Then there are some strange narrative solutions, like shields of warriors who reject the bullets of modern machine guns and various things that go beyond human limits, but above all an ending that after all the time spent to follow the story, leaving more than ever with a sense of incompleteness and that perhaps would, perhaps say, opening the possibility of a sequel.

Apart from what has been said and that now find an island with all existing satellites has become a really easy work "Aayirathil Oruvan" is a nice movie to follow with amused attention and considerable difficulties for us that we are far from Tamil history. This is definitely a great adventure film with events that follow one another combined musical numbers and the usual ballets.
Translated into English under the title "One Man in a Thousand" director Selvaraghavan director, who also wrote the plot, follows the myth of the last heir of the Chola dynasty who escapes during a siege on a mysterious island in the company of his subjects. Over the centuries, many historians and archaeologists have tried to find this island, but all have failed badly.
Today, says the film another expedition is planned, funded by the government. The leader is the young and beautiful Anitha accompanied by archaeologist Lavanya, whose father passed away in search of the island, from Ravisekharan a high-ranking military and Muthu the leader of the porters and servants.
The group obviously soon finds the island, but the place is full of amazing with snakes, potholes that appear suddenly and sounds so powerful that make anyone crazy. But eventually they arrive, although decimated, in the place where the Chola descendants still live. And here, there is the twist, discovering the true identities of the protagonists. One is a downward Pandyan and the other is none other than the reincarnation of the Chola prince. Bursts a blood feud, cruel and terrible, with Chola massacred. But does not give up the dynasty. The Chola continues their journey to the promised land.

An adventure story as much as the production. Filmed in 2007 with a budget of three hundred and twenty million rupees "Aayirathil Oruvan" came out only in 2010.
Already during the shoot things have not gone well. Some changes in the crew, some gossip too, and unexpected weather problems delayed the work. A complicated post-production did the rest. In addition, the film has made the classification for "adults" and yet the director decided not to cut the violent scenes.

Once released "Aayirathil Oruvan" has divided critics. The most positive have defined as "something new in Tamil cinema" and even "a great job directing", critics have described as "rough", but the public has determined its commercial success.
Behind the camera there is, as mentioned, Selvaraghavan a young Tamil director, who since 2002 that is, when he was twenty-five years has shot films in his own language all except one. The rest of the cast is quite young and known in Tollywood. Among these, there is the simple beauty of Reemma Sen and Andrea Jeremiah.