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Sex Files: Alien Erotica II
The alien mushroom that turns everyone in a naughty and dirty person, this time falling from a space rocket return from a mission. However it ends, sadly in a garbage bin outside a restaurant.
To make sense of it and to give us a story there is Pepe who should be a nerdy waiter but as the genre needs is the usual muscle man. In any case it is he who opens the garbage bin, it’s he who is sprayed from the spores of the mushroom and it is he, the first one, which can falls at his feet every. woman.
History is thus served. The spores start to goes around the US in beds lighting the lust of anyone. From the house of Pepe, to the Area 69 (ie the classic parody of Area 51), ending in a hotel that is also a dimensional door.
On the mushroom and the events investigate the agents Forrest and Daniels, two are like Mulder and Scully who are trying to solve the problem and who also go in the heat given by the alien.
A film divided into two parts (the first hunting mushroom and the second hotel) that shows the usual structure of the extreme softcore with silicon tits, pumped biceps and background music.
Nothing new or well shot but for some reason this second episode of Alien Sex Files finds the right way with a story that is good to follow thanks to the many events and many sets.
Director Mark Delaroy replaces Rolfe Kanefsky who this time writes the story. The cast is made up of the usual starlet and models in vogue at the time.