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Alien 2: on Earth

The huge evil monster against the little, poor but clever human being. And we don’t talk about the plot of "Alien 2 on Earth", but about the story of this film, which it the end is more interesting than the movie. Protagonist is Ciro Ippolito who here signs as Sam Crowell and which we know that he gives to the cinema rare trash pearls. A great b’s director that one take a break while is editing a movie with Mario Merola. In this break he goes to the cinema to see "Alien" by Ridley Scott and on the road he sees the poster of "Zombi 2" by Lucio Fulci. Sbam. Idea. Genius. Cheek.

Without a plot on hand he announces the film on "Variety", he convinces always with nothing in his hands, the distributors of "Zombi 2" to give him some money. He leave for Cannes, spends all and still he doesn’t have a shred of history, but he sees a report on Frassassi caves. Sbam. Idea. Genius. Cheek. He takes brochure of the caves, modifies it, and passes it for the set of the film.

"Alien 2 on Earth" production begins. The director is Biagio Proietti who abandoned the set after only one week. Ippolito think to call the great Mario Bava, but he is working on another movie, but gives to Ippolito two great and important advices. He says to Ippolito to shot himself and to make the monster with tripe.

The caves of Castellana, are the set of the film with the basement of a house in Rome (where arrives the police called by the residents worried for blood and noise) where this 1980 film born.

The "20th Century Fox " became really angry. Because apart from the "plagiarism" the film doesn’t go unnoticed, in fact, it is presented in great style in the "Chinese Theatre". The "20th Century" sues, try to buy the film to destroy it, but nothing, the American company monster must surrender to the small, poor and ingenious Italian.

If only for this story, told to "Stracult", the Ippolito film earns sympathy and esteem. And if that were not enough, we must underline the incredible flash of genius of the setting. Because Ippolito does not set the story in an expensive spaceship, no, he sets it on the Earth, in the aforementioned caves setting up a crazy link between the monster that comes from space and speleology.

In addition, the film opens with a bold macho statement "Why a pretty girl prefers the caves instead of shopping?", So ugly and vulgar that again gives sympathy to this work.

The monster instead comes in at the blue colored eggs attached to a return space rocket from the cosmos. One of these is catch by one of the speleologist  who venture into the caves. In the group there is also Thelma Joyce that besides show her tits has paranormal powers that anticipate disasters. Many deaths and disfigured bodies by a monster (made of tripe), that we often see in subjective and that has easy game in the caves. A body count that saves only the protagonist who realizes, once she returned to the surface, that the human race has been exterminated.

The unlikely and boring story and very little budget are accompanied well giving us a great b movie. Ipppolito, it must be said, do his duty and all in all the cast, made up of film actors gender (including Michele Soavi), is not out of place in a film that anticipates many years the various sequels of the true "Alien". Excellent music by Oliver Onions.