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Au Pair Girl
The innocent nasty blonde touches one of the worst points (and obscure) of her career, as Mino Guerrini, the director. And then we have to say it is not so important if the original version of this film is hard to find and we must watch the Spanish version or the English with Dutch subtitles (?).

Those who have seen the original film, narrate that our Gloria Guida plays Domenica Schlutzer a girl from Lombardia dubbed with a Venetian accent.
A big mistake that demonstrates that something already in the script is wrong and therefore the entire system of "Au-pair girl" doesn’t work well.

The usual plot of the film Gloria Guida movies, which take their inspiration from "Malizia" by Samperi, here traveling between banality and things already seen as the train scenes that open the film. The rest unfolds between stolen nudity, voyeurism and morbidity. Carlo Giuffrè and Oreste Lionello are certainly two excellent interpreters for the genre (we lose a lot because of the English dub), but Guerrini, asks little to them making simple roles as comic relief and classic men attracted by the ass and boobs of the protagonist.
The story talks about Domenica a rough girl from Bergamo who arrives in Rome to work as an au pair at the family Chiocchietti. Immediately she becomes the naughty dream of the family and the whole building beginning with the luxurious host (played by Oreste Lionello), to an old prostitute who gives her appointments and so on. From naive and victim of other people's desires Domenica manages to turn the tables but to us is removed a vision that could raise the level of the movie.

A mediocre attempt, although willing, to satirize the hypocrisy of society (Lionello has a sacred art shop and various political goes crazy for Sunday) that generates a boring film with no artistic interest.