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The infernal rapist
The devil is a woman (and we known that) decide to save a dangerous Mexican criminal from the electric chair. We don’t know why she chooses him, shooting laser beams from her eyes, and offer a good for Carlos "El Gato". He must give her victims, males and females, writing the number "666" on their body. In exchange for drugs and joyful. El Gato first kills a man, then, because wasn’t his taste, catch women.
A great idea, we might say, that can give us a long trail of blood and a long series of semi or fully naked girls. Well, to be honest Carlos after a promising start (so to speak), slow down killer 3 or 4 MILF.
Police investigating the murders and discovers the "incredible" junctions between the "666", the devil and the revived Carlos. They bring a lot to understand everything and if Carlos at the end did not make a stupid error they wouldn’t be able to catch him and kill.
This is what "El violador infernal" Mexican 1988 film shows. A long, adorable, carousel of trash and naked bodies on a non-existent plot. The commitment in the FX (see laser beams from his eyes) must have cost a lot to the production which otherwise can only hire MILF placing the story in small sets and/or in cars.
Shows everything possible, as already said, trying to raise the interest of the male spectator, but the meat available is unsatisfactory, making "El violador infernal" one of those B movie that make sympathy for its ugliness.
Noé Murayama is the protagonist a well-known actor in Mexico that has divided his career between theater and cinema.