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Escape From Blood Plantation
When a man watch a "Women in prison", he doesn’t expect nothing else than boobs, tortures and various filth. Just that...
And so our disappointment was huge with this film, because here we have little boobs, torture, and few few various filth.
The culprits of this disappointment are in all probability, the artists who are behind this German film of 1983, set and filmed in the Philippines.
Kurt Raab director and screenwriter for the first time and rare time its behind the camera, is an actor already very famous at the time for having worked with important directors and for being one of the most faithful actors of Fassbinder. Even Peter Kern, here in the role of producer is a famous artist who has divided his career between theatre and cinema.
No less important, the protagonist, Udo Kier, one that can boast collaborations with Fassbinder, Borowczyk and Von Trier, not to mention Barbara Valentin, the female lead, another big name that we find in this film.
Why all these intellectuals artists are in a movie like this, it’s easy to understand and it’s the pure money question.
Apparently as reports a source Raab and Kern, wanted to do easy money and then reusing them in a more personal work.
They fine a Filipino producer and a director, but the production is interrupted, because the producer ends up bankrupt, leaving the work unfinished. For some unknown reason, instead of ending the whole Kern and  Raab complete this work.
We do not know for sure if these things happens, but in any case these German intellectuals put their hands on something that is not their own interest matter, and the result, as mentioned above, you see.
More an adventure movie that a dirty "WIP", "Die Insel der blutigen Plantage" tells the story of an island, where the former Nazi Otto Globocnik enslaves several women who work hard for him. To help him there are the usual group of guards. Among these there is Hermano (Udo Kier) who is in love with one of the girls and helps her to escape, betraying orders and antagonizing his former comrades.
Among the blood (some tits) and some torture end two German tourists witnesses of the adventurous escape of this prisoner.
If there isn’t a good trash side, the artistic side is much better than the average of this kind of movie. Raab has more refined idea of cinema and Kier and Valentin know well how interpret their characters.
But we would have done without seeing intellectuals walking in women in prison.