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Sharknado: the 4 Awakens

The big problem is that the last days of July, in a few years, can become the "Sharknado Day". A new US celebration, dedicated to those absurd sharks traveling in tornadoes and to a franchise that doesn’t seem to want to end.
After chewing persons of Eastern, Western and someone randomly in the center of USA, the bearable lightness of sharks leads us in shades of science fiction. Shades, nothing more, for a choice that was to be expected, or because they hit a Continent at random or the must go straight to further exaggeration. And even considering the return of "Star Wars" production was faced with an idea definitely unmissable.
The endless quotations and spoof of "Star Wars", which start from the title, join the city of Las Vegas, the starting point of this story and is automatic at this point to imagine what an immense trashy movie is the fourth episode, in four years , of the series.
Useless and trash as much as the predecessors "Sharknado The 4 Awakens" is an immense series of actions, people and dismembered sharks, which knows few slow moments. It’s probably the most fast, the most self-irony (there is a cardiac massage done with sharks as electrodes) and is the one better direct
and with the best special effects.
Anthony C.Ferrante meanwhile must have attended some direction lessons and the change of hand benefits the final product. Not that he creates something special, but compared to the past he takes more efforts. With the usual group of forgotten actors who try to earn some money (Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasseloff and directly from "Lavalantula" Steve Guttenberg) and many familiar faces of television and cinema who want to look (fun) in a bad movie, Ferrante tells this new tragedy..
Five years after the end of the third episode, Finn (Ian Ziering) lives in Kansas at "April's Acres” a farm with his mother and his son. April (Tara Reid) is thus dead in the open ending of the previous film. The "Sharknado" then, are no longer a problem because the "Astro-X" has created a complicated technological system capable of preventing the storms of sharks.
Everything seems to work, but only for a few minutes. Because Fin go to Las Vega and there breaks out the mess. Sharks slaughtered by strippers, barmaids eaten by sharks and the “incredible “come back” of April (Tara Reid) that is not dead, but was converted by her father in a sort of humanoid that is reminiscent of the past, has feelings and turns her hand in powerful weapons.
The light saber to kill sharks sharp gadgets completing all with a better flying system than "Iron Man". But she doesn’t shoot anything from the tits. Unfortunately.
However, the group Zering-Reid-Hasseloff is fighting fearlessly against this new tragedy, ending it all with a cliffhanger that indicates that the possible fifth movie will take place in Europe.
Now far from the surprise and ingenuity of the first film in "Sharknado" all tease and all wink (virtually of course) to the public which partly expect yet another bullshit and partly, now, doesn’t want another movie like this. "Asylum" and "Syfy" continue undeterred their social role recovery artists at sunset and it must be said: crap or not, Ferrante and company have what to fill their wallet.