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Green Room

This is not an our "Desert Island movie", paraphrasing a game of the protagonists, but it is a pleasant surprise that confirms the skills of Jeremy Saulnier who became famous in 2013 with "Blue Ruin" also appreciated in Cannes.
This third film (written and directed like others) is somewhat less beautiful than the predecessor, but it shows a certain intelligence, a beautiful structure and especially a caustic irony. Saulnier builds a very simple film that refers to the siege movie (Western and other) and which has an original characterization of the characters. American filmmaker in fact equitably balance the good and the bad, thus removing to the second the classic of negativity load. If it were not for a political colors, (the bad guys are neo nazi and the good guys a poor punk band) would be difficult to take sides with one or the other. Because the two groups are equivalent stupid, another good idea that gives us great moments of black comedy, with gunshots and blows of weapons that start and injure/kill at random.

Even the plot is objectively very simple and starring the band "Ain’t rights". An unknown punk band that picks up poor engagements in squalid American club of the suburbs. They catch a last-minute gig in the Oregon woods in a club frequented by neo-Nazis. The ​cover of the song ​"Nazi Punk Fuck Off" by "Dead Kennedys" is not very appreciated by the public, of course, but it will not be their main problem. Indeed, it must be said, then audience appreciate the band, but they are the witness in the back stage of a murder. And here the situation worsened. The managers of the club enclose the people in the dressing room, by starting a long and bloody struggle for the escape or survival. The Nazis are many more and can also count on killer dogs. But the fight is on par.
Cast of quality with the beautiful English Imoogen Post (here brutalized by makeup), Patrick Stewart and Macon Blair already seen in previous Saulnier’s films. There is also Anton Yelchin, star of the modern "Star Trek" recently died in a car accident.