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Goldilock and the Three bares

Just reading the names of Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F.Friedman materializes an endless world of boobs, silly plots and poor productions. An explosive couple that can’t fail to make a smart little film that parodies in the title a famous fairy tale and that exploits the "nudie-cutie" more than other episodes.
"Goldilocks and the three bares" directly from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" which here becomes " is a title that has nothing to do with the film, and underlines, if were needed, the cunning mind of the two.
Like all the nudist films, the pretext of seeing girls in topless or their "side b" it’s a naturist resort in which the protagonists end. In the case of this film of 1963, the director starts from the show business by telling the story of the singer Eddie Livingston, her agent Allison Edward Allison and the controversial comedian Tommy Sweetwood that offends in every show the audience. The first two are in love, but she has a big secret: it’s a Naturist!
The mystery is revealed by Tommy who follows the girl and sees her enter in this nudist resort. Eddie came to know of it, it remains shocked by such great impudence, and brutally breaks all relations. Tommy began to frequent the place and to work to reconcile the two.
This all takes place between several musical and scenes that relieve the suffering of a film with a poor plot, showing topless girls (and it's never a bad thing) dealing with different sports.
Typical product of the time "Goldilocks and the three bares" is notable for the presence of Allison Louise Downe former wife of the director and his favorite actor that we will see many of his films: William Kerwin.  There is also Joey Maxim actually Giuseppe Antonio Berardinelli, really famous boxer of 50’s and then show man. Inserted at the behest of the manufacturer, there is a certain Rex Marlow here would have to gain notoriety.