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Guinea Pig III: He never dies

In English it sounds perfect, "Gore Flick". The third episode of "Guinea Pig" is a worthy horror different from the river of blood of the two predecessors. Here for the first time we have a cinema realization and a narrative structure. Here the context is absurd, incredible and make a few laughs.
If it could be please that one is cutting himself in slices is another matter, but at least this movie tells something giving a reason and a (non)sense of it all.
Masatosh Nakamura is a very sad employee, no friends and few interests who decide to commit suicide, slashing his wrists. It doesn't work. After doing so he realizes he is still alive. Immortal or zombies? After the first moments of anxiety, he learn the utility of the thing, and he takes a revenge with a friend  who stole his girlfriend, inviting him at home and cutting himself in front of him. At the end arrives at home the girl too. . True story happened in Tokyo says the narrator who introduces and closes this short film.

Disgusting and bloody like the others, full details of gore, "He Never Dies" is further evidence of the skill and ability of the Japanese with the special effects. It's all very believable. And if it would not be impossible for mankind surely it would have created the usual upheavals of the case. Although its production is part of the documentary "Making of Guinea Pig".