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Love Feast

An old satyr pretends to be a photographer to attract young girls to his house and have sex. The satyr in question, fatty and with white knickers is our beloved Ed Wood.
Before begins of the usual series of affectionate phrases on the world's worst director (it’s not true as we say every time), we must emphasize that our hero here doesn’t sit behind the camera.
Many other filmmakers know how to do bad movies, and in this case, the culprit is Joseph F.Robertson. Another guy, a good friend of Wood, with an adventurous life and intense film career. From being a Marine during World War II to become a director, Robertson goes for an important career in the financial sector and experiences in Europe as sales person. The story says that it is precisely in Europe that he became a cinema lover and that once returned home he begin to work for Hollywood, where he does the producer and then the director of some horror and porno flicks as Adele Robbins.
A curriculum that has nothing to envy the most famous Ed Wood and that is automatic guarantee of bad movies, like this "Love Feast" mostly known as "Pretty Models All in a Row", his first film as a director.
The beginning is incredibly (almost) convincing. The credits are written on the body of some actresses but unfortunately punctuated by fixed image as porn magazine. One thing that prepares us for 63 'minutes of film that we're about to see.
Ed Wood, who plays the Sig.Murphy, tells us about his passion: "girls, girls, girls" and how take them home and have sex. He pretends to be photographer, he puts an ad in the newspaper and the girls come to his home for having sex.
A plan that works well, very well. Even too much. Because Murphy doesn’t have time to have sex, that another girl knock on the door. Are useless two aid, and Murphy must surrender before succumbing as a slave with some dominating girls who force him to lick their boots.
Apart from the idea of ​​throwing in the absurd and morbidity "Pretty Models All in a Row" has nothing else interesting. It’s a short carousel of softcore bad scenes and a few intimate close up. If there was no Ed Wood that looks a lot of fun this film would be finished in the oblivion, but once again, the director brings to the "success" a movie.