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Bloody Sin

Directly from '"Oltretomba", an “exercise de style” by Domiziano Cristopharo, one of the most interesting directors of the new "genre films" wave, which seems to enjoy very much behind the camera.
His fun passes the screen and reaches the viewer, the lover of a certain movies. In this film of 2011 he mix a large numbers of things techniques, with inserts "Stop Motion" and comic and using the hated (by us and it is only our problem), split screen.
And above Cristopharo manage well a certain seductive aesthetic (the film itself as "Glam") in photography with the inevitable and wanted trash. Maria Rosaria Omaggio and the cameos by Ruggero Deodato and Venatino Venatini, join a young and effective cast, with Lorenzo Balducci and Nancy De Lucia of the best known names. To Roberta Gemma, the star of the film is entrusted the inevitable and unavoidable majority of tits, which comes after a long wait and coincides with the explosion of the film in all characteristics. Those that a "B movie" must have: blood, sex, sinister characters, nazi, corrupt church.

A beautiful chapter of genre films whose genesis increases our positive review. Reportedly "Bloody Sin" would be inspired by some found boards of “Oltretomba” a popular series of horror comics, erotic and then porn which we will discuss in another post. Even if this thing were not true, "Bloody Sin" is a tribute to the successful series of “Ediperiodici E.Borlandi” and resumes in full its connotations.
We are in the period of the Inquisition. In the castle of Olevano Romano usual corrupt clergy justice a man. The executioners are none other than Ruggero Deodato and Venatino Venatini and the victim launches the most classic of curses. We fly then in 1974 in the United States and more specifically in the drafting of the erotic magazine "Bizarre" directed by Miss Steele, a really good Maria Rosaria Omaggio.
Her magazine in great crisis, due to feminism, and to try to regain success she sends a troupe in Olevano’s castle to make a horror/sexy comic. Photographer Johnny Morghen (Lorenzo Balducci), the assistant Helen (Nancy De Lucia) the makeup artist Rita (Clio Evans) and model Barbara (Roberta Gemma) travel to Italy and as the best and worst horror films them end in a creepy castle.
There is Mr. Lenzi, there is the noble Terence Fischer and there is the disturbing elderly mother. Here the story explodes. Johnny is found dead, Fischer falls in love with Helen and the Inquisition legends increase the sense of mystery and anxiety, not to mention that then, as is easily conceivable, the family has a direct lineage with the inquisitor and also with some Nazi leader.

A long list of inspirations ranging from Luis Buñuel to "Il Boia Scarlatto" (especially) through "Buio Omega" and several episodes of horror erotic extremes movies join a long list of tributes to artists like the names of  the characters say. Domitian Christopharo proves to be a clever and very good director, who also thanks to the excellent music composed by Kristian Sensini and sung by Giovanna, gives us a good genre films. .