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Santo contra el cerebro diabólico

We need a lot of concentration to not lose the thread this adventure of the hero with the silver mask.
First, we must pay attention to the "cerebro" that is no longer "mal" but becomes "diabolico" in this movie that makes a kind of trilogy with Federico Curiel as director, Fernando Casanova and Ana Bertha Lepe as protagonists, not counting Antonio Orellana who writes the script.
Filmed in 1961, released later, it disappears from circulation for a while ', generating legendary and nonexistent plots that send Mexican cinema historical in confusion and even the company that in 1998 puts it on the VHS market, wrong story on the cover.
Doubts and false leads that suggest the existence of another project then abandoned, as the film itself show that begins with a story and then follow another completely different.
Curiel behind the camera, changes very little in the way of telling the story and structure. Our "Enmascarado de la Plata" peaceful lives his life, as a star of "lucha libre" but it is always ready to help the good in times of need. Considering the strange junction of stories, as mentioned a few lines above, we can think of a useless little film photocopy of his fellows. Instead, thanks to a greater number of fighting scenes and action sequences and despite our hero is on the sidelines of the events, this episode is the most fun of the period.
The villain is just a banal criminal probably at the head of a gang that police officers Fernando and Conrado destroy in the first scenes of the story arresting Fernando Oses a “Chinese” gangster, which then returns to the scene playing a different role. And here we change everything.
Virginia (Ana Bertha Lopez) journalist and Conrado’s girlfriend went to the dangerous city of Rio Valley for an interview with a criminal, such Refugio Canales (played by the famous Luis Aceves Castañeda). However, things go wrong and the girl disappears.
The two cops go undercover on site trying to save Virginia and discover that the girl is under the power of Canales who tyrannize also the pueblo.
Unmasked by a henchman, our just have to call El Santo, who arrives after the lucha libre (as always). Defeated a couple of opponents including Nathanael Evaristo Leon Moreno better known ad Frankenstein, (famous fighter and then actor often see with El Santo), our hero leas his city and runs to the aid of two friends, who meanwhile are increasingly in danger.
But that's no problem! Driving his Mercedes and then riding a horse, El Santo breaks down the bad guys, giving us an adventure not to be missed for all the fans of this genre.