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Emmanuelle 6

The only artistic aspect of this film is the inspiration (vague, very vague) of Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel. Because otherwise there is no one, nor behind the camera or in front of it in inspired some way.
And so we find ourselves, once again, to speak badly about a talented but unlucky director: Jean Rollin.
The Breton director confirms director is masochistic vocation as a stopgap, because as in "Le lac des morts vivantes" he arrives on the run trying to save the work. Uselessly.
"Emmanuelle 6" of the French series of the famous franchise is first of all a useless movie as all movies that came after the one of Jeackin. This episode of 1988 tries clumsily to copy the style of the Playboy’s videos of the period, with an elegant atmosphere and the search of a refined eroticism.
Not surprisingly, we can say that the protagonist is Natalie Uher Playmate of September 1984 of the German edition then passed to a disappointing career as actress.
Bruno Zincone instead is an editor who finds himself one day as a director. Poor experience and perhaps the task of another job forced him to abandon the production almost in half.
With a little 'imagination we can guess that the production to complete the job and not lose money called Jean Rollin, who arrives, takes place behind the camera and puts hands in the script, however, focusing on one idea: "Emmanuelle has lost his memory and tries to retrieve it. "
The presence of two directors of photography (Serge Godet and Max Monteillet who collaborated and will collaborate with Rollin) creates even more confusion and the result is a thin film, ambitious but aesthetically ugly.
Rollin puts a bit of his ideas as in the opening sequence in blue (which refers to the atmosphere of the film Jaeckin) and the ending with surreal scene typical of his film with the protagonist who masturbates in the desert An epilogue that jar and that with trivial sex scenes and easy reason to have sex made up a pointless movie.
Simply the movie tells the story of Emmanuelle who loses her memory and ends up in a structure in jungle lead by Dr.Simon a psychiatrist. Through various sexual experiences she tries to return to being the libertine heroine we all know.