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notti porno nel mondo 2

Mystery, confusion and boredom converge in this film in a rigorous order. Mystery on the production of a film that should be the sequel to "Notti porno nel mondo" or the hottest version. Confusion because the historical research has shown that the two films are contemporary and use much of the same scenes all focusing on the protagonist and boredom. Because "Emanuelle e le porno notti nel mondo 2” is the manipulated version by D'Amato of "Notti porno nel mondo" and retains the same characteristics.
A mondo movie, always out of time, which tells us the morbid nights of the world, including mud wrestling, bestiality, black masses and other strange things that just may be interest today  the explorers of genre cinema instead of some teenager looking a bit 'of naked women ..
D'Amato looks for the big shot hiring two super porn star. Ajita Wilson and Marina Hedman, the first in an interview and the second protagonist of some scenes.
The narrative is in the velvet hands of Laura Gemser, our Emanuelle, introduced by an obscene song (but fun and catchy, it must be said) who wander in Las Vegas shows us all perversions possible.
Another product cunning but really poor. Easy money without art.