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Sheba Baby

Hotter’n "Coffy," meaner’n "Foxy Brown," says the poster of "Sheba Baby", ambitious episode of blaxploitation. The director is the very interesting William Gilder that in a brief career made succulent b movies, to irritate the majors (with "Abby" alleged plagiarism of "The Exorcist") and realize successful films at the box office as "Grizzly "and" the Manitou ", his latest work ended shortly before his death in a plane crash. Undoubtedly a good character that loved to control almost entirely his works, writing the screenplay and/or producing and here seeks to exploit the gold-bearing vein of blaxploitation. Indeed, the one of the queen Pam Grier. The "American International Pictures" a guarantee for the genre, produces a film that does not fail its commercial purposes, but is less interesting than the giants mentioned in the poster and the most worthy opponent "Cleopatra Jones".
"Sheba Baby" is still not a bad movie. It’s an entertaining story that uses all the stereotypes of the genre. The beautiful seductive and ruthless heroine, villains unscrupulous and poor helpless victims.
The flaw in this 1975 film is that it does not exploit the characteristics listed above. Pam Grier is seductive but very chaste, allusion to sex are many but we don’t see anything and the "casus belli" is easy than the powerful drug intrigue and prostitution seen in the best examples of blaxploitation. Gilder remedies offering us a bit 'of explosions, a few fights and a good direction. And above all a soundtrack that significantly raises the work thanks to Barbara Mason a star of R & B / Soul.

Sheba Baby, starring Pam Grier is a private investigator that leaves Chicago to return to her native Kentucky, where a gang of thugs threatens hard her old father hard. Aside from trying to blow it up with a car bomb the bad guys manage to bend the will of his father to buy his business and finally killed him. From here begins the tremendous and classical vengeance of our heroine who helped by her former boyfriend (played by Austin Stoker) makes out the criminal gang.
And if you think that in the end she returns to the arms of her former boyfriend, you are mistaken, because she is a strong, independent woman master of her own destiny.