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She Killed In Ecstasy

Have a nice sleep, darling.
Now no one will disturb your rest.

An avenging female angel is haunting the world. She has with him two dangerous weapons: the charm and eros.

This angel is the protagonist of a elegant story, pinched between the sixties and seventies and created by a Jesus Franco in his full psychedelic period.

It’s 1971 and the Spanish director has recently finished his masterpiece "Vampyros Lesbos."

Tireless as ever and full of ideas, with the pseudonym of Frank Hollmann,Franco is back to work with, more or less the same cast and the same music, same situation for the next "The Came From Akasava Came From ", creating a triptych essential for fans of a certain cinema.

Three films that shared the technical notes, but different in themes. With this one "She Killed In Ecstasy" we are in the throes of an erotic thriller.

The hand of the director has complete freedom and doesn’t arise in certain limits. Play skillfully with the zoom, uses flashbacks, silence, music and is fussy with the decor and lighting using the also the natural beauties of of Alicante one of the places where the story was filmed. It’s a picky Franco and very concentrated, which gives us a film simply fascinating.

To frame the entire movie there is Soledad Miranda,extraordinary as usual, shameless in its beauty with a stunning silver dress that appears in the first minutes of the film.

Her sensuality is the cornerstone of this story and we are sorry if you read and read often on this blog, her appeal is so unbelievable simple that conquest after a few seconds.

She is beautiful than obscure and she is the main character, namely our "avenging angel."

The unfortunate Andalusian actress plays the wife of a physician/scientist, who takes his life after being kicked and banned by the medical society. Her husband, Dr.Johnson, had made ​​a sensational discovery: using animal cells was able to create a man immune to disease. But for the scientific world this practice is unethical. Less for these individuals is immoral to destroy a man's life and especially to be seduced by lust brought by Mrs Johnson, became killer for love.

The episodes of revenge are well built and different from each other, and we're turning a blind eye on the blood scarcely credible that flows.

In the cast we found the Swedish Ewa Stromberg, Jesus Franco himself and even though a marginal role Horst Tappert, already detectives before becoming "Inspector Derrick". Do not miss Paul Muller, let alone Howard Vernon and Fred Williams.

For the architectural lovers in the film  there is also the work of Bofill "El Xanadu" a house built in Calpe near Alicante.