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Manos: the hand of fate

Betty Pierce of "El Paso Herald" in her article of November 1966 about the premiere of "Manos premiere: the hands of fate," defines this movie as "experimental." The follow ironic comments as "A real peak of the film is when the wife says - it's getting dark - and light on El Paso is in the most brilliant moment" and she closed with "Someone is spoofing us".
Someone is spoofing us cries Betty Pierce. A warning to those who from that day onward would see "Manos the hands of fate."
A legendary movie, famous, terrible and rightly considered one of the worst of all time. Someone puts it together (as always) with "Plan 9: from outer space" compared to which the Wood's work is worthy of an Oscar.
But no, Wood has nothing to do. Here we are more in the field of "The Beast of Yucca Flats" or "Robot Monster" ie amateurs, with a few confused ideas, while Wood had ideas, insane, but he had them.
The genesis of this film delivers even more to the story and reinforces what we just wrote.
Harold P.Warren, that we call Hal as all his friends did is a seller of fertilizers in El Paso or as reported by some source was an agent of the " American’s Founder Life Insurance" and also an inventor. In any case it is not the job of his dreams and he hopes doing something in show business. He is active in the theater scene of the area and writes books and scripts. One day he meets award-winning screenwriter Stirling Silliphant winning among many things an Oscar for "In the heat of the night". Warren launches himself into claims a bit 'stronger, things like "it's easy to make a movie" and "I bet I could make a movie”. No sooner said than done.
He has a ready script (or at least something written), grabs $ 19,000 from friends and neighbors and start casting. First he hires himself, because obviously writing, producing, direct is not enough and then takes actors from El Paso’s theaters and from a mannequin school.
Born is film shot in two and a half months, showing the technical limitations of Warren from writing, to directing, the production and management of the cast. We can say that, "Manos: Hands of Fate" has dreamlike moments, enigmatic, abstruse scenes, of course due to the inability more than narrative choices. Increasing difficulty is the choice of dubbing actors and the limit of using a hand-held camera that can only run 32" at time.
Although he was aware first of the disaster Warren is proud, pride not shared by the cast, that what we read about, at the premiere at the "Capri Theatre" slips away before the end so as not to be seen. It is also said that the director get at the premiere all his collaborators and actors by a limousine. Always the same. What leads a person, and then come back to take another one.
Convinced and sure of himself, Hal, promises to do a sequel if it was successful. Of course this does not happen because this movies, it is immediately destroyed by the critics.

Warren tries to tell the misfortune of a family that passing in car in Texas end in a strange house. The place is home to a Satanist coven led by a certain "Master" and his servant Torgo, which was to be the classic dangerous and deformed guy, but seeing the presence of models and the to drift of the story appears more as a satyr who likes a lot girls and falls for the woman.
Disappeared for many years, "Manos: the hand of fate" is rediscovered in the nineties by "Mystery Science Theatrer 3000" which launches it to the forefront of film history. Legends or not about the production and making of this film, Warren wins the bet with Silliphant. Beat an Oscar winner in his field is not a little thing.