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Der Todesengel

The angel of death, "Todesengel" of the title is blonde, has big tits and often wants to show us that she doesn’t have underwear.
We could say many things about these stylistic choices, but we are exploitation world, in the subgenre of sexploitation with shades of splatter, gore and rape revenge. So it could not be different. So Andreas Bethmann, writer, journalist Joe D'Amato’s and genre cinema fan guesses each choice.
To the characterization of the main character must be added abundant sex scenes, that touching porn, a poor realization and an absurd story. It can be worse"Der Todesengel" has all needs to have a movie of its kind and conquer the viewer thanks to a history full of events.
Far from decadent poetry of "NEKROMANTIK", from which it takes some ideas, but with the same desire to shock the audience, "Der Todesengel" is a great example of underground cinema directed by a director who had already found his style.
Everything is poor, the special effects, production but Bethmann manages well to mix everything, turning with a handheld camera and trying to give us the sense of action. A quick story that knows no breaks and that saves on clothes of the actresses all very light, easy to tear and especially on the underwear of the same.
A model played by porn star Manila May, after being beaten and raped by a gang of criminals, of which he is not the only victim, goes out looking for revenge. This prosperous angel of death, however, hides morbid inclinations that lead us to a surprising ending suspended again between necrophilia and splatter.
For those who do not already have enough of the original film, there is a remastered version that includes the "Director's cut".