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A 008 Operazione Sterminio

Atmosphere and style as the dogma of the genre, through treachery, betrayal and counter-against betrayal, with the usual powerful weapon (here is an antiradar), a travel around the world and the conflict between the US and USSR. The easiest. The most famous.
But apart from repeating the plot of the genre, Lenzi who writes story and screenplay, insert interesting news and a humorous vein not bad at all. First of all, the main character is a woman, the 008 agent played by Ingrid Schoeller, German film actress famous in the 60’s that duets with Agent 006 interpreted by a disoriented Alberto Lupo. A woman heroine and protagonist of a story of espionage is really a good start to what the director added some parodist moments. The good hand of Lenzi who runs at best moments of action, make "008 Operation Extermination" a pleasant and fun chapter of the other Bonds.

At service for Her Majesty, the agent 006 (Alberto Lupo) goes on a mission to Cairo, where he needs to collaborate with the American colleague 008 (Ingrid Schoeller). The public enemy number one is a scientist named Kemp (Ivano Staccioli) who tries in every way to eliminate them, thanks to the powerful antiradar. The two manage to destroy the weapon and begin a long tour in Europe to catch the villain. Sweden and then Switzerland, Zermatt, where Kemp dies and where the two manage to take the weapon plans. And that's where Alberto Lupo, reveals his true identity. He is a Russian agent who murdered and replaced the English one. But the blonde, in addition to being beautiful is also clever and had already understood everything.