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Maschio Latino cercasi

We have a friend at bar who repeats "The thing get fatter” (“L’affare s’ingrossa”) whenever there's a small problem or when he wants to be funny. This sexual reference he must have taken from this 1977 film, also known as "L’Affare s’ingrossa”." It must be said that he is funnier than this movie.

Giovanni Narzisi is one that in the world of cinema has occupied more than photography that other and he was seated behind the camera, only twice: the first in 1966 with "Djurado" a western that echoes "Django" and then with this work .
For some reason we do not know, Narzisi is in a rich production, full of big names, badly exploited by his bad script. A cast of super star, not only of the Italian erotic comedy, but also cinema and theater in general. And music. And from there we start with music by Lelio Luttazzi accompanying the five stories that make up "Maschio Latino Cercasi". Five stories comic/grotesque with sex theme, the desire to do it and with the male (jerk) Latin. Almost all would have a good potential (and few ideas, we already saw and meet again into other films) but Narzisi always for some unknown reason, manages to throw everything out with trivial developments or silly end.
The first segment stars Gianfranco D'Angelo, who is a so-called  German tourist in search of Lolitas in Naples. Vittorio Caprioli showing him a "sex shop" really different (really beautiful idea) and putting a man in his bed. That's all. Then it's up to our Gloria Guida, in topless almost all for the duration of her piece. She is the lover of a wealthy industrialist played by Gino Bramieri that proposes his comedy style (and a few jokes). He elderly man tries to rejuvenate with a miraculous operation done by Dott.Himler to go to bed with his capricious lover. Gloria Guida, extraordinary beautiful, plays an actress of erotic movies from the allusive titles. It is not clear whether it is irony or desire to feel superior.
Then we have Orazio Orlando as the usual Italian immigrant (in Germany) that for live starts doing the porn actor unbeknownst to his wife, that she too, enters the hard world. Rambling and boring story, with Stefania Casini as his wife and with some, further, irony about the world of cinema. And then there's the trio Aldo Maccioni, Luciano Salce and Dayle Haddon, in an erotic-legal history, with good Maccioni who goes to the house of the two with the intention of going to bed with the woman, escaping in every possible the legal complaint. And again we are faced with an interesting building, thwarted by a final tremendous. "Maschio Latino Cercasi" closes, finally, with another banal story of emigrants. From Sicily Carlo Giuffrè and Adriana Asti when traveling to northern Europe for a change of partners. The obvious rule, with the woman at first hesitant and then fiery lover of the beautiful Nordic man.

We do not repeat the names of all the actors, but it is clear that with this cast could and should have more. Rather than the poor stories we have a banal direction and an equally disappointing editing. What a waste!