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It’s the first time we are faced with a film that mixes, action, crime, comedy and dance. A film from "Bollywood" of course. It’s the first time, but it certainly will not be the last, considering that this subject seems to excite the producers of the many film industries of the country as well to the drive crazy the audience. All starts in 2010 when from "Tollywood" comes "Singam". A huge success. Just one year later some "Bollywood" producers bought the rights and create "Singham", this movie. It doesn’t end here, because in the same year are released "Kempe Gowda" for the state of Kannada (another important film industry of India) and "Shotru" for the Bengalis. Some interpreter works in more films, but someone waiver not to work with other industries in the country, but what everyone agrees is always a great and resounding success at the box office. This is the result of a perfect formula, which certainly cannot fail. We have the usual scenario, between melodrama and tragedy, but with some screwball comedy, a lot of action and unfailing and long ballets. The result is a colorful comic that doesn’t forget the feelings and even of improbable action sequences that become viral on the web. In short: the old cinema meets the modern Indian cinema. Perfect. And to seal all there is the usual stellar cast.
The story begins in the state of Goa, where the diligent cop Radesh Kadam commits suicide following a corruption scandal in which he is involved. The thing suspicious wife Megha, but she haven’t the support of the law We change city and we meet Bajirao Singham local cop who solves every silly problem (word we use on purpose to show the humor of many of the cases). Everything goes well until Singham meets the daughter of an industrialist and falls in love, giving life to the romantic plot of the story that develops between the usual haggling and ending with the purest love. The “crime” side of the film instead explodes with the arrival in town of a certain Jaikant a criminal embroiled in Kadam death. The villain annoyed by Singham transfer him to Goa, where our hero manages to reopen the old case and put Jaikant in jail.

Rohit Shetty, "Chennai Express” director, the movie that currently holds the box office record at home, accomplishes a great job behind the camera, thanks to good photography. Good in action scenes, which in those romantic without forgetting the sumptuous and colorful ballet. A beautiful story, smart and brilliant exploits the past and the future of the immense Indian cinema.