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There were heroic years of couples who ended up in strange places where they discovered new worlds and new emotions. Heroic years of classic monsters that went in the world of sex, libertine vampires and horny creatures. The years of the Golden Age of porn and cascading of improbable hard movies. The sum of all is in this Canadian film, proudly the first and only hard film from Canada. So they say.
Filmed and presented in Vancouver "Sexcula" disappears into thin air for several years only to be found in the "Canadian Film Archive" and then come back to the cinema in 2013, exactly in the "Vancity Theatre".

Not that its disappearance and the following discovery changes the history of cinema or at least give us a hidden gem of the big screen. No, not at all. "Sexcula" is one of those ultra-low-budget films with an amateur direction and acting. Scenes put together with fatigue or outside the context difficult, sometimes, to follow. Although the title alludes to the vampires, there is no presence of sucking blood, who leaving the room to a sort of porn Frankenstein. So nothing original, but there is something fascinating in this movie where the interpreters have disappeared into thin air with the exception of John Holbrook, the director, who then worked in cinema industry in other roles. According to a website there would be another actor who later made a career under his real name.
Apart from that there is something that attracts us, and we said it is probably this punk-like aspect, the bad that can’t be worse, that doesn’t care about anyone. In short that charm, in due proportion like the "Rocky Horror" or John Waters.

"Sexcula" is objectively a horrible movie. Ruined also by the change in the running wanted by the production, that starts with the intentions of making a soft-core movie and then try to slip into the "Golden Era" of porn, adding sex scenes and generating probably the narrative chaos that we see. Some moments are worthy of note, such as sex with "gorilla" a kind of erotic show that breaks the fourth wall and especially the orgy at the wedding, that we didn’t understand what has to do with the story.

The core is about a couple who arrive in a sinister house. It is the home of her ancestors, who finds a dusty diary that chronicles the adventures happened in there in the eighteenth century.
The Dr. Fallengstein created a monster named Frank that should satisfy all her enormous lust. But Frank besides being impotent is completely uninterested in the subject. The Dr. Fallengstein is thus forced to call for help her cousin Sexcula that tries in every way to solve the problem. And you know what we mean. At the end is a cells problem that Sexcula recovers from a woodcutter. And you know how. When the problem seems solved the scene shifts in the orgy wedding, the hardest moment of the entire work probably taken from some other unfinished film and used as needed.
It closes with the meta-cinema. On the sidelines of Frank and his associates, there is also the hunchback who made merry with a female robot in the laboratory of Fallengstein.