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Girls for Rent

The original title "Girls for rent" and the Troma’s DVD title “I Spit On Your Corpse!” explain very well the madness behind this film of 1974. But if you want more, you must know that behind all this we find the great Al Adamson guarantor as always of stories of a certain type.
Adamson with his faithful John D'Amato, with whom he also wrote "Black Heat," "Blazing Stewardesses" and "Dynamite Brothers," write a script that is a little Grindhouse gem and which covers various exploitation’s genres. This is a story full of events and with lot of boobs but also with a certain liberating malice that leads to a double ending with a twist.

With these words maybe "Girls for rent" seems a good movie, but it's actually a huge trash container with fake blood and scenes that often touch the absurd. A great B movie for most "on the road" and the other side hidden in a drug and crime case, on the border between the US and Mexico.
A vague mention of Russ Meyer (in the description of two male characters not for the boobs) a nice soundtrack and "Girls for rent" is almost complete.

Starting with a story on drug trafficking between the US and Mexico, Adamson and D'Amato, trim the shot making it more suitable for the cinema. That is, to a certain cinema. One of the stars, among other non-first choice of Adamson (who later admits that the actress was really good) is Georgina Spelvin one of the queens of the "Golden Era" of porn and famous for her role in "Devil in Miss Jones ". To divide the scepter of the leading role we have Susie Ewing that here as Susan McIver that it is, in addition to being a beautiful girl, a member of the group "The Goldiggers" popular and appreciated ensemble of singers and dancers active since the late sixties. For the male roles instead the best-known name is Kent Taylor an actor who achieved a great success in the thirties, not forgetting Robert Livingston other star rescued by Adamson who uses he here, in "The naughty Stwardesses" and "Blazing Stewardesses".

Adamson cleverly begins the story with a group of prisoners in forced labor. Flushed and scantily clad (no bras and no underwear) have with them Sandra (Georgina Spelvin) protected by the mob, who plans her escape. After this reference to the "Women in Prison", Sandra works for the local boss and engages a Donna (Susan McIver), a prostitute who has to go to bed with a politician, drug him, take some photos and let the mob blackmail him.
Actually those nasty gangsters give the girl a powerful drug that kills the man. Donna doesn’t want to be part of this plan and escape to Mexico. Sandra and Erica are thrown in pursuit. A series of events begin here. Daring, absurd, with nudity, stolen cars, not credible violence and with a father and son, with the old man who is a sex maniac and the guy who is a bit as Vegetable.
The final twist is really amazing and closes this bizarre and fun movie of the beloved Al Adamson.