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Horrors of spider island

The lost islands attract monsters and people. And more monsters and there are more people arrive. It’s a mathematical formula always present in the cinema and that inspired films of all levels. Good to bad ones. In the second case we find this another variation on the theme. A 1960 German film shot in Yugoslavia and released in different versions and titles. "Ein Toter hing im Netz" was released in 1962 in the United States with the adult version "It's Hot in Paradise" and a few years later, without the nudity, was released as a horror film titled "Horrors of Spider Island", which it’s also the version seen by us. Follow other titles yet, for a film that is now in the public domain and is a great example of low budget and lack of any skill by the director and actors. To make things worse, there is the dubbing in English, so bad to break down more a plot as thin as spider web
We not mention by chance the arachnids because they are the damned beasts at the center of this story. A group of girls engaged in New York by a certain Gary Webster is flying to Singapore for work in ambiguous club. Cause problems the plane makes an emergency landing on the island of spiders. And the trouble begins.
Gary is the first to be bitten and transformed. The panic is spreading among girls and although the fear is so great, they continue to take baths and contend Joe and Bob two guys arrived on the island to help the research of a professor then found in a web. Sometimes one of the girls disappears and sometimes someone remembers that they have to fight against these beings.

Horror yes, but calmly, because the director Fritz Böttger point his work entirely on the girls always in swimsuit, and he built around a (vague) history. Between errors and embarrassing scenes only the girls can be saved and incredibly spiders are well done for this kind of movie. In this b movie end up two well-known actors, one for his career and the other for a story not so cheerful.
The Egyptian Alexander D'Arcy was a very famous actor in first half of the twentieth century and he worked in major productions and with the best actors of the time. With him there is Harald Maresch, German, escaped in the US during the Second World War. Some small role, for a career that could take off if it hasn’t ended in a scandal. Maresch had a relationship with the Mexican actress Lupe Velez (former wife of Johnny Weissmuller and lover of Gary Cooper) who became pregnant. Lupe Velez committed suicide because Maresche did not want to marry her and she did want an illegitimate child. The scandal destroyed Maresch’s career and the actor tried the way of theater and then come back to Germany.