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Symphony in Blood Red

It is a metaphorical title that includes the director's curriculum, the new wave of the Italian thriller and finally, it is not a spoiler, even the murderer's life story.
It’s a surprising episode those who occasionally emerge from nothing (or almost), sees as director Luigi Pastore author of documentaries and short films, here in his first feature film, detached from market logic takes courageously the way of experimentation, looking for new forms of cinema.
Inspiration does not mean to copy, say the sages, and it is clear, that Pastore takes it from the Italian giallo and horror, with particular love for Dario Argento, from which he takes the incipit of "Tenebre” and some structures.
Inspiration does not mean copy and Pastore changes the perspective of the story, showing it from the killer side but never showing his dace.
Accompanied by the always great Sergio Stivaletti and with a soundtrack composed also by Claudio Simonetti (also with a cameo), Pastore has his back covered and can go straight in a compelling narrative. By the aforementioned serial killer ever filmed from behind (played by Antonio Tentori who works also for the script), we see bloody murders that hide nothing to the viewer. Adding a load of annoyance and horror, there is the motive, not always linked to the killer's psyche but also sometimes by chance.
The protagonist annoyed by the words of a psychiatrist and destroyed by a sad love story begins a long and precise search of victims. His former girlfriend, a hunter who has surprised him a TV presenter who wants to exploit the case to make audience, a priest who raped him when he was child and others, up to a livid and suggestive ending on a beach. Things could improve in his life when he meets a girl, but again the life marginalizes him.
We may be seem psychopaths but we agree sometimes with the killer goals. Because his "mission" is often a kind of cleansing the corrupt world. A story that develops between light and darkness, and that is embellished with some puppetry inserts that act as binding narrative. Another brilliant idea of ​​a film, well directed and starring a fresh and willing cast, just like some directors of the new wave of Italian genre cinema