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Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck

The image that comes out from the words “German porn movie” is that of a man with mustache entering in a house and soon has sex with a housewife already in lingerie, with lounge music in the background. If to this we join the words “German comedy”, we find ourselves thinking about how unfunny the Germans are historically. And how can be a bad idea joins the two things.
But these are clichés that Maike Brochhaus subverts in this, second feature film. After her debut in 2013 with "Häppchenweise" an experimental film for adults shot without a script with amateur actors, she try again with another project, this time with a script written by her and Sören Störung. The goal is always the same, give authenticity to porn, eliminating professional actors. A kind of response to the various video porn platforms and against the rich porn world. Less silicon, more real persons. Less planned sex scenes and more genuine sex relationship.
To these things she had the dear old "Free love" and especially a script that balances well the excellent comic moments with a good storytelling and, as mentioned, a hard scenes. Nothing is hidden and nothing remains unexplored. hetero relationships, lesbian, homosexual, orgies and all performances that you can imagine with the exception of ejaculation.
The direction although it’s not surprising is nice and fast and mixes different techniques emphasizing well the hard moments. A cinematography in bright colors is an excellent accompaniment for the aforementioned and often irresistible comic moments. As example: there is a girl at the phone while she is having sex with two boys and asks the partner to make less noise because she can’t hear well the conversation or the final funny orgy, from which this work takes its title.
"Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck" is "rock-paper-scissors" and it is precisely the game that the protagonists are playing in the final scenes. Loser pays penance. The idea of the game already present in the previous Maike Brockhhaus’ film emphasizes even more the desire for lightness and living happy, as underlines the final lines of the two protagonists.
Felix and Emmi are two boys living in a small town near Cologne. He, Felix, is planning to go to Amsterdam to see a music festival. Emmi instead prefers to stay at home to work. .
Kai is the classic friend, we have all (and hate a little), which is always in the right place at the right moment. So while Kai is going to Cologne station to catch the train for Amsterdam with Felix, clashes in the woods with Steffy, with whom he has suddenly a sexual experience. Bus she takes for a mistake concert’s tickets of the two boys. Felix and Kai go to the girl's house, and there they stay, fascinated by the situation, by the same girl and by her roommate.
Emmi see on the website “Indifferent cats in amateur porn” (a really clever name for spoof internet 2.0) Magda her former roommate at the University. She contacts her, and then she goes to her home and is fascinated by the situation, by the same girl and by her roommates.
A tale of parallel sexual experiences that converge in the funny and liberating final. Unknown actors and non-professionals actors once again headed by the director Maike Brockhaus, in a happy movie, fun and liberating. And how we can disagree with the basic philosophy?