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Cherry, Harry  & Raquel!

Hard to say which is the craziest film of Russ Meyer but "Cherry, Harry & Raquel!" deserves a top position in this special rank.

Because the story is not clear, because there are continuous and naughty fast frames and because everything takes place at great speed among tits (of course), desert and blood. And especially because our beloved Russ begins with a message in favor of freedom of thought, against the censorship that has heavily hit his "Vixen" and he does it in his own way: with some words written on tits (of course).
Russ Meyer we know is a lover of big boobs who likes to tell bizarre stories. To his eccentricity must be added his some legends that are on the network. According to Imdb laboratory destroys several minutes of footage, forcing the director to make further scenes (the naught fast frames) to bind and complete everything. Years later, however, Meyer says that he wanted work in this way. Wikipedia citing the book "Jimmy, Big Bosoms and Square Jaws" by McDonough, that wrote these new scenes were shot due to the leave of the main actress who left the production with twenty minutes to shot.
Legends or truths that are we are, in fact, in a difficult film to follow and whose aesthetic put in the shadow the plot.

What we understand is that we are on the US/Mexico border and we are in a history of marijuana dealing. Harry is a police officer of a small and remote village who lives with his girlfriend Cherry who works as a nurse. In town there is also a nymphomaniac writer Raquel that seduce men and also Cherry.
Harry on the other hand, in addition to his official activities collaborates with Enrique and Mr.Franklin, the local politician, in the field of marijuana dealing. Apache instead is an Indian who works for Mr.Franklin and that one day decide to sell drug on his own. So begin manhunt with the goal to kill Apache. But the Indian is smart, fast and violent. And Cherry and Raquel continue their lesbian relationship.

Narration in acid with already much quoted inserts that star the ever great Uschi Digard, naked in the desert in the role of Apache’s muse and play few lines in Swedish.
A film that marks the debut of Charles Napier in a Meyer’s film. The male icon of the director is here in the role of Harry and especially running naked in the desert (that would be one of the first men naked in cinema). To cement this crazy journey there is a good soundtrack, which makes "Harry, Cherry & Raquel" definitely a curious film, rewarded by excellent box office revenue.