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Black Christmas

It looks like when you try to change the dinner or Christmas lunch, making it less obvious and less classic. But it’s difficult to renew the tradition, something that albeit old still works fine.
Parallels with theme and results that fits perfectly with the remake of "Black Christmas" produced by Glen Morgan more present in the entertainment world as a producer than director.
A story written by the same Morgan with Bob Clark among the executive producers who flees improbable series of sequels to come, however, in the category of embarrassing remake.

A young cast taken mostly from TV series or TV movie includes Andrea Martin already present in the original cast. Perhaps her presence is the only good thing for a story that takes off after many minutes and tries to give an explanation to the mysterious killer, by inserting new (and pathetic) characteristics. Several flashbacks reconstruct the murderer's life, showing us the stereotypical complicated family and trying to mislead us and then give us a final twist, which actually is easy to image. Very easily.
We must recognize that Morgan puts some efforts in it for example in the cinematography and aiming to build a solid structure that leaves the viewer in suspense until the end. However he commits two big errors: that, as mentioned, to tell us (and finally show us) who the murder is and replace the black humor present in the original with hateful characters who must be said deserve their end.
This "Black Christmas" neither is therefore a totally unnecessary film, which neither homage nor changes the brilliant 1974 film and a scene in the shower with the protagonist totally breaks down.
The core of the story is known to all. Someone hiding in the home of a women sorority makes havoc of lives. To this is added the scene of the alleged murderess in a security prison and an epilogue showing the face of the killer and his horrible death.
A bit 'like trying to replace the Lasagna of the Christmas lunch with Tofu. Modern yes, but with no taste.