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Mumbai 125km 3D

Among creepy places, damned cars, ghosts, dead coming out from the graves or from the wells and much more, "Mumbai 125 Km 3D" is an encyclopedia of film quotes than a horror movie as it would like and should be. The critics have been ruthless, and not only have crushed this work of Hemant Madhukar at the second experience in the horror genre, but all horror made in India, calling it far from the skills of Bollywood’s directors.

Harsh reviews, for a film that actually does not work, does not have a powerful story and takes ideas from other movies heavily playing with the genre’s clichés. However, there are also good things, a powerful production, a convincing and very glam beginning and finally a good photography that gives the idea of horror. The only thing apt.

"Mumbai 125 km 3D" is a film that is also notable for the presence of Veena Malik a superstar that perhaps cannibalizing all. A bizarre character Veena Malik. Restless Pakistani model, actress, show girl, famous for having been condemned in her country in 2014 to twenty-six year of jail for blasphemy (she staged the marriage of Maometto's daughter) as well as having posed naked for "FHM". It does not end there because then the actress totally changes life and become very religious. She is the leading figure of this 2014 film that tells about the misadventures of five friends. Prem, Vivek, Aashika, Jaks Diya are going to Mumbai to participate to an exclusive year-end party. At 125 km from the destination (as the title suggests) the problems begin. They are in place, where the vegetation is dense, they hit something, and they stop and inevitably begin to die. Here begin a number of discounted situations who can easily image where the story is going. Friends left in the woods, strange characters and inevitable supernatural revenge. Not to mention a poor finish.
A story already seen, struck even more by poor acting and rich special effects bad used.
A missed opportunity, but the Indian horror must not give up.