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The four of the Apocalypse

"More than a western, is a Lucio Fulci’s movie," says Tomas Milian in an interview. And there is no better definition for The Four of the Apocalypse”...a film that arrives in extremis for a genre almost over. Not before and not even last foray Fulci in the dusty West, but without doubt the most interesting, crazy, violent and discussed.

The excellent script written by Ennio De Concini and inspired by the characters of the stories of Francis Brett Harte, gives to Fulci the chance to work at the best he can. The director as always doesn’t direct a genre but mixes features without limits. The result is a story focused on human poverty and malice, varying situations and setting going from livid scenarios to those classics of the genre.

A raw story, unexpected that the Apocalypse word of the title describes well, especially in reference of the four main characters. Characters played very well by a great cast that seals this masterpiece. Fabio Testi (Stubby), Lynne Frederick (Bunny), without forgetting Michael J.Pollard (Clem), Harry Baird (Bud) and especially Tomas Milian. Tomas the great Tomas. He is Chaco a sadistic character, violent and unscrupulous that Cuban actor makes very well, taking inspiration from Charles Manson. Badness from beginning to end, sealed by strong scenes as that tortures to the sheriff, to whom Chaco then attach the star on his bare chest.

This is only the most famous scene from a movie that offers us an almost endless series of events starting with Stubby Preston, a cheater, who arrives in a small town. Arrested, he manages to escape thanks to the arrival of a gang that makes a bloodbath. He flees into the desert with a bit 'special: mates Bunny a pregnant prostitute, Clem an alcoholic and Burt a black man insane. To this already picturesque group is added Chaco, which brings havoc and violence, raping Bunny and sliding the group in an endless vortex of violence. After the childbirth of Bunny and her death the movie became a head to head duel between Stubby and Chaco. The first has only a desire to take revenge, and the manhunt is long and ends with a final height of what was seen previously.

Milian and Testi is a perfect couple. Explosive and emphasized, as already mentioned, by the excellent work of the other performers. Lynne Frederick, the only woman is excellent in the role of Bunny in an interpretation that reminds us her talent never completely exploded and later put in the shade by the story of Peter Sellers will. Micheal J.Pollard is a guarantee and of course doesn’t disappoint.
A spaghetti western definitely different, which takes elements from horror and especially from noir, with a psychedelic soundtrack composed by Bixio, Frizzi Tempera that framing this great masterpiece.